On HCM Strategy and Roadmaps

Welcome to 2022 and continued volatile times. For this quarter’s publication the WSR editors chose the theme of HCM Strategy and Roadmaps, recognizing that as we go into our third year of the pandemic and the new ways of working, we need to re-evaluate and reset our plans for HR systems. While organizations are challenged to determine what
is next for their HR technology environments, the authors in this quarter’s issue provide insights that can support your organization’s roadmap and plans. This is also the first WSR issue with our new editorial committee, co-managed by Dan Vander Hey and me. The editorial committee thanks Roy Altman and Bob Greene for their past leadership and continued support as Dan and I take the reins.

In the first article – How to Respond to the HR Tech Explosion, I share the significant growth over the past several years of investment and implementations of HR Technology. Company demand for new solutions is at an all-time high, however, resources for implementation are limited. Considering economic, societal and technological changes, I share an approach to determine priorities and refresh your workforce systems roadmap.

Next, Bruno Querenet shares Six Key Ingredients to Manage an HR Digital Transformation. Whether new to an organization or looking for a fresh new perspective, this article describes how to lead your own business process transformation, a first step before initiating any HR Technology plan.

Roy Altman provides a deeper dive into the people analytics aspect of an HR technology roadmap, in his article The Rise of the Cloud Data Platform. He shares the importance and steps to move towards a unified workforce/talent business intelligence platform.

With so much demand this year for new workforce solutions, organizations are sure to be engaged in many projects. In Julie Sainty’s article Failure, the Rocket Fuel to Success she shares her own lessons learned from past projects and provides advice for your projects to have great outcomes.

Companies also need to consider The Future of Work: Navigating the Paradigm Shifts from Work-Life Balance to Life-Work Integration. In this article, Dennis Hill Ph.D. and Patti Ippoliti, Ph,D., delve into trends since the start of the pandemic looking at the interaction between the workforce and technology, and the impact on the ways of working. Or not working, as covered in the next article…

In Top Five Strategies to Help Solve the Great Resignation Challenge, Wayne Tarken and Stephen Hart also address business process transformation. Their article shares agile methods to find and optimize talent, to counteract the impact of the current age of “The Great Resignation.”

Dennis Hill, Ph.D., and John Macy examine The Scope and Impact of Web3 on HR Systems in their article. The authors look at technology trends in the news, including Internet of Things (IoT) devices, Artificial Intelligence (AI), blockchain, the metaverse, carbon footprint reduction, cyber currencies and 5G protocols, and provide insight on HR software’s direction with the move to Web3.

We close this issue with Roadmaps for Challenging Times: Preparing for Bumps, from Katherine Jones, Ph.D. Witnessing the disruption over the past two years and noting “2022 will unlikely prove different”, the author recommends HR aligns with changing corporate strategies in setting their plans on what’s sure to be bumpy terrain this year.

Thank you to all the contributors to this special WSR issue, and for sharing ideas that will hopefully help each of you on your 2022 HR technology roadmaps and the new way of working.

Jessa Kilgore
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Jessa Kilgore is an industry leader with more than 25 years of increasing Human Resources Information Systems contributions, advising businesses on the use of technology to enable business strategy and execution. She is a known leader in human capital management systems (HCMS) industry speaking nationally and published globally on industry trends. Jessa is the past chair and founding Board Director of the Professional Exchange of HR Solutions (PEHRS) and former Board Director for IHRIM, and now is the WSR’s Co-Managing Editor. In her career, she has worked as both an independent consultant, implementing HR and workforce systems, and as an in-house leader of HR systems and operations management. Currently, she manages the global HR technology environment for Orrick Herrington & Sutcliff LLP. She can be reached at [email protected].

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