Bylaws & Policies

IHRIM's Bylaws

IHRIM’s Bylaws define IHRIM’s statement of purpose or mission, categories of membership, board structure and officer positions, and other essential governance matters.

IHRIM's Policies

Code of Conduct

To maintain the professional nature of the Association, all members of IHRIM, Inc. and service providers must adhere to the Association’s Code of Conduct.

Conflict of Interest Policy

All persons conducting IHRIM business, serving in leadership positions or providing a service to IHRIM shall endeavor to be free from the influences of any personal consideration when acting on behalf of IHRIM, Inc. All employees, directors and key volunteers must exercise the highest level of integrity, ethics and objectivity in actions and relations which may affect the Association or where the employee or director represents or negotiates on behalf of the Association.

Policy on Use of IHRIM Name/Logo & Leadership Title

The purpose of this policy is to provide guidelines for the proper use of IHRIM’s Trademarks in printed and electronic materials where the use of IHRIM’s Trademarks or an individual’s affiliation with IHRIM may be misconstrued as an endorsement or sponsorship of a commercial product or service, or of a non-IHRIM event.

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