Our Mission

Since 1980, the International Association for Human Resource Information Management (IHRIM) has played a key role in the advocacy, education, collaboration, and professional certification of HR technology professionals worldwide.

IHRIM is committed to advancing the HR Technology profession by creating sustainable partnerships among industry practitioners, suppliers, and educators that benefit IHRIM members.

IHRIM uniquely and positively serves HRIT/HRIS professionals and their organizations at the demanding and ever-changing intersection of HR and Technology.

The Association’s work remains more critical than ever, helping all HR Tech professionals – from novices to experts – deliver value to employers in recruiting, developing, managing, and supporting their respective workforces.


Vision & Values

Create a world where HR technology positively impacts every stakeholder and organization through lifelong learning and supporting human resource information management as a profession-certifying body.

  • Connections / Relationships / Partnerships
  • Professionalism / Standards / Certification
  • Transparency / Accountability / Synergy
  • Vendor Neutrality / Unbiased Reviews
  • Diversity / Equity / Inclusion
  • Lifelong Learning / Knowledge

IHRIM is the exclusive global community that develops and shares expertise, knowledge, and methods for leveraging HR systems, technologies, and analytics in support of business excellence rusbank.net .


IHRIM is the leading advocate for the global HRIT profession. Using our rich resources and more than four decades of experience, IHRIM elevates the professional by certifying best practices, connecting competent peers, and promoting effective leadership in the multidisciplinary management of HR and related technologies.


IHRIM’s ecosystem is a multimedia repository of curated educational material and experiential learning in the fields of HR and related technologies. IHRIM promotes education through its online seminars, courses, and publications, like Workforce Solutions Review.The needs of our members and their employers have been consistently met for more than forty years, supporting HRIP-certified professionals at the leading edge of HR technology, and helping each one achieve career aspirations by advancing their skills and knowledge.


IHRIM membership privileges offer a rich and meaningful experience from our association platform where like-minded professionals can meet, exchange ideas, find assistance, and access our resource library. Easy access to all member benefits, education, volunteer opportunities, partner benefits, and professional relationships are aligned with our vision, mission, and goals. Endless opportunities abound for members seeking to volunteer and contribute to their colleagues around the world.

Board of Directors

2023 Board Members

Gloria Anthony, MBA

Founder & CEO, GCA Consultancy LLC

2023 Board Members

Jade Cuddy, HRIP

IHRIM Treasurer/CFO | HR Business Intelligence Analyst, Washington Trust Bank

2023 Board Members

Keivonna Dover, HRIP, MBA

Principal Integrations Consultant | Founder, Coco Moms Inc.

2023 Board Members

Michelle Galla, HRIP

IHRIM Chief Membership Officer (CMO) | HRIS Manager, Erie Insurance Group

2023 Board Members

Dennis Hill, Ph.D., HRIP, SHRM-SCP, SPHR

IHRIM Chairperson of the Board/CEO | Cofounder. Consortium DeHR | Founder, Sagacity LLC

2023 Board Members

Mignon Hobbs, HRIP

Sr. Director, Total Rewards & People Operations at U.S. Silica Company

2023 Board Members

Kyle Huff, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Management at Georgia Gwinnett College | Founder - Huff Leadership Solutions

2023 Board Members

Patti Ippoliti, Ph.D.

IHRIM Leadership Development Advisory Council Leader | President, PI Associates, LLC | Lecturer and Lead Faculty, Columbia University

2023 Board Members

Julie Jones, MBA, GPHR

IHRIM Profession Development Advisory Council Leader | Managing Director, Jones Palmetto Consulting LLC

2023 Board Members

Nov Omana, HRIP

IHRIM Chief Technologies Officer (CTO) | TRC | Consortium DeHR | Podcaster, TECHNOVLOGICHR | Founder & CEO, HR Collective Solutions Inc

2023 Board Members

Cindy Pascale

Founder and Chief Advisor, CEO Advisory Board

2023 Board Members

Meta Rousseau, Ph.D.

Corporate Learning & Development Senior Director at Primoris Services Corporation | Adjunct Faculty, UT, AIU, and UP

2023 Board Members

Lauretta Siggers, MBA, CHRM

IHRIM Vice Chair & Chief Learning Officer (CLO) | Vice President of HR and Talent Development & Senior Faculty, Cambridge College | Principal-Founder, Siggers-Benton HR Consulting

2023 Board Members

Stacey Titter

Manager, HR Systems & Analytics Manager, UCLA Health

2023 Board Members

Dan Vander Hey

IHRIM WSR Managing Editor | Associate Director, Enterprise Process Consulting, Cognizan

  • non-voting representative

IHRIM Standing Committees are composed of IHRIM members in good standing. These committees regularly discuss IHRIM’s educational programming, membership services, advocacy efforts, association development, and finances. Current committees include Membership, Education, Partnerships, and Finance. IHRIM Officers comprise the Executive Committee.

“The greatest dividends for any organization are reaped by investing time in its people.” Volunteer for a committee today by jumping here or emailing [email protected].

IHRIM Advisory Councils are composed of volunteer colleagues, including IHRIM members and non-members. Participation in councils is by invitation only as they meet as needed to provide input to IHRIM’s leadership and membership on emerging practices and trends, educational programming, and association development. Currently, the Leadership Development Advisory Council (LDAC) is chartered in the Association’s Bylaws to advise IHRIM’s Board of Directors in recruiting and maintaining an effective, vibrant, and agile leadership team for the 21st century. Additional Councils include the Technology Review Council (TRC) and the Profession Development Advisory Council (PDAC).

More information concerning IHRIM’s councils is available by emailing [email protected].

Leadership Development Advisory Council

As IHRIM’s only standing council described in its Bylaws, the Leadership Development Advisory Council (LDAC) periodically assesses association governance, programs, volunteerism, and professionalism.  Chiefly, LDAC works with the IHRIM Board and staff in identifying, recruiting, and vetting candidates for IHIRM leadership roles, as well as recommending methods, tools, and best practices to continuously improve IHRIM’s operations through Board and Committee composition, tactically address short-term leadership challenges, and strategically suggest responses to megatrends involving employers and their workforces.

Profession Development Advisory Council (PDAC)

By invitation of the Board, members of the Profession Development Advisory Council (PDAC) review the educational, training, and experiential requirements to succeed as an HR technology professional – from career sunrise to sunset. Like all other councils, the PDC may be comprised of IHRIM and non-IHRIM members, particularly thought leaders, subject matter experts, and S-suite executives, who convene to discuss, assess, and suggest potential career pathways involving exclusive IHRIM services/resources and enriching programs offered by the Association’s strategic partners., e.g., peer mentoring, continuous learning, and achieving/maintaining HRIP certification.

PDAC also discusses and reviews industry trends and the necessary alignment of IHRIM programs to meet employer needs, material relevancy, and enterprise implications, identifying specific topics, skills, and other opportunities that will enhance and enrich the professional development of IHRIM members.

Technology Review Council (TRC)

The Technology Review Council (TRC) is a successful partnership with Collective HR Solutions LLC that frequently reviews emerging technologies and practices at the intersection of HR and related technologies.   Live and interactive presentations by researchers, developers, and vendors are moderated by an IHRIM thought leader or subject matter expert to garner feedback and suggestions on ideas, concepts, innovative solutions, and updated systems for workforce recruiting, training, rewarding, developing, and on-/off-boarding.  TRC membership and presenters are by invitation only. Apply to present through IHRIM’s Creator page here.

Select Committee on HRIP Content and Examination (SCHRIP)

The Select Committee on HRIP Content and Examination oversees all processes involving HRIP Certification, Recertification, Termination, Examination Content, and Appeals. The Select Committee convenes when needed to address exam preparation and content, applications for HRIP certification candidates, recertification criteria, and challenges to examination questions. The Select Committee is comprised of current HRIP certificate holders in good standing and ten years’ experience as an HRIT/HRIS/HCM practitioner or five years as a C-Suite executive overseeing HR, IT, or HRIT services. An active Professional Membership in IHRIM is preferred, but not required. For more information click here or email [email protected].

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