Limitless Partnering with IHRIM

IHRIM's professional community and world-renowned HRIP certification represent the ever-changing state of HR Technology and the organizations that employ them. For over forty years, IHRIM has served practitioners, consultants, vendors, educators, and researchers at the intersection of HR and technology. Over 70% are decision-makers, and 99% are influencers in a practical matter within their organizations.

By mutually recognizing that partnerships manifest enlightened self-interests, IHRIM offers a variety of ways and means to engage in building and sustaining the HR Tech community that benefits our members and your organization.

1. Organization Membership

IHRIM offers special group rates for organizations purchasing as few as 3 memberships and HRIP or exam preparation for employees. Enjoy all the benefits of individual membership plus distinctive features exclusively designed for IHRIM partners.


Discounted Pricing

Organization members enjoy discounts on individual prices for our entire suite of professional development products.

Transferable Seats

People change roles? No problem. Your organization can transfer membership to a new colleague.

Affordable Job Postings

Organization members can share their job openings with highly qualified talent via our HR tech job board.

2. Authorized Education Partner (IHRIM-AEP)

Educational and training partners can offer IHRIM-approved programs. Increase enrollments and expand your outreach as an IHRIM AEP where successful attendees can learn HR Tech principles and earn recertification credit hours (RCHs) as HRIP-certified professionals.

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Growth with Copromotion

Extend your ad spending while copromoting brands and services with IHRIM. Setup email and social media campaigns targeted at HR technology professionals.

Establish Credibility

As an IHRIM AEP, rank your training programs among the top universities, consultancies, and training centers serving the HR Tech community.

Place Courses on IHRIM's LMS

IHRIM's new learning management system integrates with our membership and marketing platforms to draw attendees to your programs. Receive VIP consideration for sponsoring or placing your online seminars and courses on the LMS.

3. IHRIMedia Sponsorships & Advertising

IHRIM has produced thousands of hours of multimedia and thousands of pages of articles over its lifetime. These assets are available to IHRIM members, friends, and colleagues 24-7 around the globe. Advertising in IHRIM's flagship publication, Workforce Solutions Review (WSR), promoting your ideas, products, and business to the Technology Review Council (TRC), and cross-promoting on the IHRIM websites, social media platforms and emailed newsletters are just a few ways to optimize your advertising spend.

WSR Covers

Competitive Pricing

Sponsors and agencies will find the price per lead cheap when comparing targeted audiences in the IHRIM community with other generic HR and technology. If it's happening at the intersection of HR an technology, it's happening at IHRIM.

Desirable Market Positioning

Our community of HR Tech practitioners, executives, educators, and consultants are your current and future customers. This implies that the acquisition overhead and the time from lead gen to the sale are shorter when working with well-informed decision-makers. Frequency and presence are assured through IHRIM.

Easy to Work With

Submitting advertorials, articles, presentations, and supplemental information about the author/presenter for your events requires simply uploading your prepared artwork and copy from a single page. All that remains is scheduling insertions or events, signing our standard MOU, and arranging payment.

4. IHRIM Speakers Bureau & Sponsored Webinars

The IHRIM community - members, friends, and colleagues - include many professional, motivational, educational, and inspirational speakers. IHRIM's Speakers Bureau offers a one-stop, vendor-agnostic source for your next business meeting or conference. From international bestsellers and award-winning authors to engaging storytellers and articulate practitioners, IHRIM has the disrupters, change agents, and edutainers who are in high demand today.


Street Cred

Our Speakers Bureau is constantly changing, as often as the field itself - daily. Few if any places can offer the breadth and depth of experience and knowledge that IHRIM highlights on its Speakers Bureau.

Topically Relevant

Like its publications through IHRIMedia, including Workforce Solutions Review (WSR), IHRIM Speakers and Instructors have led generations through the HCM field as no other organization could. From artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies to zombie networks and more, IHRIM is there to transform complexity into simplicity, continuously strengthening the HR Technology knowledge base.

From Evolutionary to Revolutionary Change

IHRIM members serve as agents, managers, and catalysts for change, especially certified HRIP professionals. The pandemic of 2020-2021 dramatically changed the landscape for managing change, and IHRIM stood beside thousands of organizations to inform, advise, and guide the accelerated adoption of technology-based HR solutions. That commitment will remain post-pandemic.

Partner with IHRIM

IHRIM is a member-led, volunteer-driven professional association. For over four decades, our partnership programs have provided businesses, governmental units, academic and research centers, and product development companies with regular opportunities to engage, inform, and solicit feedback on hundreds of topics.

Plus: Your sustaining partnership will help IHRIM remain an organization you can return to for many reasons in the years to come. Download our current Partnership Guide and register for world-class VIP services, including pre-announcements of upcoming events, news, and collaborative opportunities.

Partnering with IHRIM

Please note: This information is strictly for internal use by IHRIM. Your information will not be sold to any third parties. However, submitting this information permits IHRIM to send email, SMS messages, and other information that it finds relevant to your inquiry.

CASE STUDY: TRC - IHRIM's Partnership with Collective HR Solutions

he Technology Review Council (TRC) is a successful partnership with Collective HR Solutions LLC that frequently reviews emerging technologies and practices at the intersection of HR and related technologies.   Live and interactive presentations by researchers, developers, and vendors are moderated by an IHRIM thought leader or subject matter expert to garner feedback and suggestions on ideas, concepts, innovative solutions, and updated systems for workforce recruiting, training, rewarding, developing, and on-/off-boarding.  TRC membership and presenters are by invitation only. Apply to present through IHRIM's Creator page here.

CASE STUDY: Consortium DeHR - IHRIM's Partnership with Competitive Edge Technologies, Australia

The Consortium for Decentralized HR (DeHR) is a volunteer staffed entity set up in early 2020 by Competitive Edge Technology (CET) and the International Association for Human Resource Information Management (IHRIM) to address a technology transition need.

The purpose of the organization is to provide guidance to the HR global community as innovative technology emerges.

“In the Web3 era with no pathway to patch its way from legacy systems, new HR products will be completely redesigned on microservices components, embedded generative artificial intelligence, blockchain and decentralized architectures, and NOT monolithic, single-sourced products." J.M

To be competitive companies must discard their aging legacy systems, adopt a new computing architecture defined in software, and embrace the democratization of data and application ownership.

Consortium for DeHR works with partners to define an industry standard for the open composable platform that enables interchangeable business applications. The platform is based on Web3 Distributed Ledger Technology design, peer-to-peer networking, advanced governance models to ensure privacy and security, and interoperable system assembly. For more information see the Technology section.

DeHR subcommittees make sure there is input from the brightest brains in the HR industry and that the principles of democratization apply. Everyone who feels they have something to offer is encouraged to contact us to express an interest so their expertise can make a valuable contribution to the evolution of DeHR.

CASE STUDY: IHRIM's Partnership with The Influence Board (TIB)

Time is money, and one immediate benefit of working with IHRIM can be found in another partnership we have with The Influence Board (TIB). TIB is an online platform where decision-makers can restore time to their calendars and cut down spam-mailed sales pitches while supporting IHRIM and preferred charitable organizations.

The IHRIM member simply completes a profile with desired services or products, offering up to 1 hour for a one-on-one exploratory discussion in exchange for a specified and targeted donation. The supplier proposes a meeting, and upon remittance, a meeting with the decision-maker follows from the TIB platform.  Decision-makers can accept all, some, or none of the proposed appointments.

Few platforms offer as extensive a set of benefits for everyone as TIB - decreasing unsolicited emails while increasing the social impact of your time. Once you’ve created your profile, forward your unsolicited vendor emails to [email protected] and manage all meeting requests.

For our vendor community, TIB facilitates meetings with otherwise hard-to-reach executives without the awkwardness of cold-calling.

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