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IHRIMedia, the communication arm of IHRIM, publishes articles, journals, and newsletters, delivers webinars, courses, and podcasts, and informs our members and external audiences. IHRIMedia also manages requests and uses of IHRIM trademarks, copyrights, and requests for the republication of IHRIM assets.

Our flagship publication, Workforce Solutions Review (WSR), is the only peered-reviewed journal dedicated to HR Technology and HR Information Management. WSR is the official journal of IHRIM, free for members and a low subscription price for non-members.

Online seminars and short courses produced by IHRIM's Education team and Partners are also part of IHRIMedia. These programs can be accessed on our new Learning Management System (LMS) for a fee, but many presentations are available on our YouTube and Vimeo channels for free.

Selection Process

Articles and ideas for WSR are managed by an independent editorial board of experts who set the topical calendar each year based on market trends and applied research. Submission does not guarantee acceptance, and all work published by WSR becomes the copyrighted property of IHRIM.

The editorial board ensures that articles uniquely cover human resources and technology disciplines. Human resource management without a technology perspective or component does not qualify for inclusion and may be better suited to publications by SHRM®, HR Executive®, or other HR-oriented publications. WSR does not publish op-eds. If the content is skewed to one vendor/company, it may be classified as sponsored content or advertising and so noted in the publication.

TRC focuses on new media, e.g., podcasts, vlogs, etc., presentations on emerging technologies, and best practices involving HR and related technologies. Presentations by early adopting practitioners, academic and applied researchers, start-ups, and vendors of core and fringe HR-related solutions to mid-market and enterprise customers are welcome.

Other Subject Matters

All other presentations of an educational, i.e., non-training nature, should contact IHRIM's Chief Learning Officer directly at

Thank you for your contribution to the HR-Tech community!

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