HRIP Certification Program Guide


IHRIM’s HRIP Recertification Program supports the ongoing education and professional development of individuals who have attained the HRIP credential. To retain the HRIP credential, IHRIM requires all credential holders recertify every three years either by accumulating 60 Recertification Program Hours (RCH) through continuing education, instruction, research and publishing, membership in IHRIM, or by retaking the examination (“recertification by examination”).

Recertification through continuing education and professional activities is designed to:

  • Encourage HR systems and information management professionals to continue their ongoing professional education
  • Encourage and recognize individualized learning opportunities
  • Maintain current certification without retesting
  • Sustain the global recognition and value of HRIP credentials

If you do not maintain an active certification status by adhering to IHRIM’s HRIP Recertification Program, your credential will expire. Your participation in continuing education activities indicates to your peers, employers, employees and clients your commitment to ongoing learning and professional development.

Recertification by Exam

Some credential holders prefer to recertify by retaking the exam. Recertification by examination candidates must take the exam before their certification cycle expires. Recertification by examination candidates are subject to the same HRIP Certification exam fees as outlined in the HRIP Certification Handbook.

Recertification Term

The recertification term shall be three (3) years commencing on the date the exam was successfully passed.

Recertification Application Process

No later than thirty (60) days before the date of certification expires, an applicant for re-certification must:

  • Earn and report the appropriate amount of recertification credit hours (RCH) during each three-year certification term.
  • Submit an application form to IHRIM accompanied by evidence of completing the certification requirements.
  • Reaffirm the HRIP Code of Ethics.
  • Submit payment of the renewal fee in IHRIM’s Online Store.

NOTE: A percentage of credential holders will be randomly selected for IHRIM’s audit process. During an audit, these credential holders will be asked to submit supporting material to verify any RCHs submitted. Therefore, documentation for all RCH claims should be maintained for at least 120 days after the certification cycle has ended.

Tips for Maintaining Your HRIP Credential:

  • Establish a strategy for attaining your RCHs as soon as you pass the certification exam or before the new recertification term begins.
  • Maintain a personal folder for all your RCH claims documentation. This information will be valuable if your reporting form is randomly selected for audit.
  • Record activities soon after completion. This makes it easier to complete the HRIP Recertification Application and Credit Reporting Form.
  • Record the registered program number for approved education program, which is required on the Reporting Form.

How to Determine your Certification Term

Your active certification term begins the day you pass your credential examination and ends three full years later, on the last day of the quarter corresponding to your original exam date. The following table provides a sample of how to determine your active certification term and when you need to submit your recertification application form, payment and supporting documentation.

Initial certification term begins The day you pass the exam
Certification expiresOn the last day of the quarter three years after you passed exam.
Subsequent certification terms beginOne day after your initial certification term expires.
Subsequent certification terms expireThe month and day of the initial term expiration date - three years later.
You pass the exam onJuly 29, 2019
Your certification term beginsJuly 29, 2019
Your certification credential expiresSeptember 30, 2022
Last day of the third quarter (your exam was taken in third quarter), three years later
Therefore, you need to submit your renewal no later thanOctober 31, 2022
(There is a one-month grace period from the credential expiration date.)

Status & Credit Hours

Active Status

Once you report your RCHs and renew your credential prior to the certification expiration date, you will receive notice from IHRIM that you are a credential holder in good standing and considered to be in active status.

Suspended Status

If you do not satisfy the Recertification Program requirements within your active certification dates, you will be placed on suspended status. If you are in suspended status, you may not refer to yourself as a credential holder or use the credential designation(s) until the overdue requirements are earned, within a maximum of six months beyond the certification expiration date.

The date of your next certification term will not change after reinstatement to active status from suspended status.

If you do not meet the overdue requirements within the suspension period, you will lose your credential. If you fail to comply with the Recertification Program and lose your credential, you will be required to reapply for the credential, retake the HRIP examination, and submit the fees associated with the initial credential application.

Retired Status

Recertification Credit Hours (RCH)

If you are an HRIP credential holder in good standing, over 55 years of age and retired from the profession of Human Resource Systems or related HR profession, you are exempt from the Recertification Program requirements. If you are interested in applying for retired status, you should submit a written request by email to [email protected].

The recertification credit hour (RCH) is the measuring unit used to quantify approved learning and professional service activities. Typically, one RCH is earned for one hour spent in a planned, structured learning experience or activity excluding breaks and meals. Activities must be related to HR information management topics that are substantially consistent with the knowledge domains and objectives outlined in the latest edition of the Human Resource Information Professional Examination Blueprint and involve appropriate expert resources.

IHRIM’s Recertification Credit Hour:
1 credit for one instruction hour (at least 50 minutes)

HRIP Recertification Categories

1: Professional Membership

You earn recertification credit if you are a member of IHRIM or other industry-related professional association or society.

1A: IHRIM Membership

IHRIM members in good standing will receive seven (7) RCH credits per year, up to 21 (21) RCH credits per certification term for membership in IHRIM.

1B: Other Professional Membership

Membership in another related professional association will receive two (2) RCH credits per year, up to six (6) RCH credits per certification term.

2: Continuing Education/ProfessionalDevelopment

Credential holders can earn the entire 60 RCHs in the continuing education category. There are limits in other categories.

2A: Continuing Education Units/ Accredited College or University Credits

IHRIM recognizes continuing education units (CEUs) awarded through the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET). IACET guidelines state that an organization can award 1 CEU for every 10 hours of classroom time. For example, a program awarded 1.2 CEUs using IACET criteria is equivalent to 12 classroom hours. HRIP credential holders, then, would be awarded 12 recertification credit hours. If the program does not show that the CEUs were established using IACET guidelines, recertification credits are awarded using the following guidelines:

  • 1 CEU = 1 recertification credit hour
  • One semester credit course (15 weeks) at an accredited college or university = 15 recertification credit hours
  • One quarter credit course (12 weeks) at an accredited college or university = 12 recertification credit hours
  • One audited college course = 10 recertification credit hours

Credential holders may participate in an online accelerated course through a college or university. To calculate credit hours for these courses, follow the CEUs awarded by the college or university. For example, an online course awarded 1 credit hour through a semester-based college or university would earn 15 recertification credit hours. Similarly, an online accelerated course awarded 1 credit hour through a quarter-based college or university would earn 12 recertification credit hours. 7 IHRIM does not recognize entire degree programs for RCH credits, only individual courses.

To receive recertification credits for CEUs or their equivalent, the credential holder must receive a passing grade.

Documentation required upon IHRIM audit/request: transcript or grade report indicating a passing mark.

2B: IHRIM Professional Development

The number of RCHs for each IHRIM event is provided with the program description. In general, one hour of learning equals one RCH. Examples of RCHs for IHRIM educational offerings are below. For information on a specific event, please email [email protected].

IHRIM Event Recertification Credit Hours
Annual Conference (full conference attendee)13 RCHs
Educational Course – one day8 RCHs
Educational Course – ½ day4 RCHs
IHRIM Webinar1 RCH

Documentation required upon IHRIM audit/request: registration form or certificate of completion.

2C: Professional Development Offered by Other Education Providers

Credit for each concurrent session attended at an HR or industry related conference is awarded on an hour-for-hour basis, excluding meals and breaks. For example, a 75-minute session equals 1.25. In general, six hours are awarded for a day-long seminar. To calculate the number of credit hours you will receive for a particular seminar/conference, add the time spent in educational sessions, excluding meals, breaks, exhibit hall times, etc. Please note that a maximum of 11 RCHs will be given for attending any individual conference or multiday event.

HRIP Recertification Preferred Providers:

IHRIM has developed a Preferred Provider designation for education providers. These providers have agreed to adhere to quality criteria established by IHRIM and will be solely authorized to issue RCH certificates to attendees. In addition, RCHs may be earned by attending relevant educational courses offered by organizations provided the subject matter falls within the Knowledge Domains as defined by the Human Resource Information Professional Examination Blueprint. To calculate RCHs, use the following formula: one hour of learning relevant to HR information management within a structured activity or course equals one RCH.

Documentation required upon IHRIM audit/request: registration form, certificate of completion or letter of attendance and a brochure or course materials outlining the subject matter covered.

3: Professional Activities (Including Volunteer Service)

A predetermined number of RCHs may be earned by participating in specified professional activities.

3A. Course Organizer, Faculty, Speaker at Accredited College or University (20 RCHs maximum per year).

Activity Recertification Credit Hours
Principal instructor for an HR systems or HR information management-related course at an accredited college or university. You will earn four recertification credit hours per course credit. Thus, teaching a three credit course would earn 12 RCHs.4 RCHs (per each course credit)

Documentation required upon IHRIM audit/request: Course syllabus

3B: Instructor/Presenter Credit (20 RCHs maximum per three-year term)

The topics of the courses/presentations must be relevant to HR systems profession or the Knowledge Domains as defined by the Human Resource Information Professional Examination Blueprint. Credit is awarded the first time the presentation is made and may not earn additional points for repeated presentations.

Activity Recertification Credit Hours
Instructor at IHRIM workshop
  • 10 RCHs for full day instruction
  • 6 RCHs for half day instruction
Instructor at workshop
  • 8 RCHs for full day instruction
  • 4 RCHs for half day instruction
Per participant hour, as a speaker or panelist at an IHRIM education program.
  • 3 RCHs
Per participant hour, speaker on an HR systems topic at industry event.
  • 2 RCHs

Documentation required upon IHRIM audit/request: conference brochures, course marketing material, sample educational materials or course agendas

3C: Author Credit (20 RCHs maximum per three-year term)

The topics of the courses must be relevant to HR systems profession or the Knowledge Domains as defined by the Human Resource Information Professional Examination Blueprint. Content published informally in blogs is not eligible. Materials produced to advertise or market a product or service are ineligible.

Activity Recertification Credit Hours
Author or coauthor of textbook that pertains to HR systems or HR information management.
  • 20 RCHs (author)
  • 10 RCHs (co-author)
Author or coauthor of an article pertaining to HR systems or HR information management published in an IHRIM publication.
  • 10 RCHs per article (author)
  • 5 RCHs per article (co-author)
Author or coauthor of an article pertaining to HR systems or HR information management published in an industry publication.
  • RCHs per article (author)
  • 2 RCHs per article (co-author)
Author of a white paper pertaining to HR systems or HR information management.
  • 5 RCHs per white paper

Documentation required upon IHRIM audit/request: Copies of publications

3D: Volunteer Service

Earn RCHs for providing your services to IHRIM or another non-profit organization. You could serve as an elected officer or volunteer committee member for IHRIM or another HR or IT association. Or you could provide a project/program management-related service to a community or charitable group. Listed below are some examples of positions that qualify and the number of RCHs they earn per activity. It is not comprehensive, so please contact IHRIM at [email protected] to see if your service qualifies for recertification credit.

Volunteer Position Recertification Credit Hours
IHRIM ad hoc – content related – committee member (committee work directly involves an understanding of the body of knowledge)5 RCHs
IHRIM ad hoc – non-content related – committee member3 RCHs
IHRIM standing committee member (12 months of service)8 RCHs
IHRIM standing committee chair (12 months of service)10 RCHs
One year of service in an elected or appointed (non-IHRIM) board position6 RCHs
Committee member in an HR or IT related professional organization3 RCHs

Documentation required upon IHRIM audit/request: A copy of the program or publication listing your name OR a signed letter from an association officer or committee chair.

4: On-the-Job Experience

  • 20 RCHs maximum per three-year term

Recertification credit hours can be earned for a first-time work experience related to HR information management that requires you to learn new things. Examples of on-the-job projects that may be awarded RCHs include:

  • Research and implementation of a new succession planning system.
  • Developing a business case for the purchase of an organization charting application.
  • Project manager for implementation of new HR systems.
  • Development of an HR web portal.

In this category, RCHs are calculated at the rate of one point per hour of work, up to a maximum 20 points allowable per three-year cycle. For example, if it required four weeks (160 hours) to develop an application for your organization, you would earn the maximum credits allowable in this category, which is 20 points.

To receive credit, you will need to provide a description of the project, end results and how this was a new learning experience. A letter from your organization verifying project development and delivery hours will be used to calculate the number of recertification hours that will be awarded.

Request for On-the-Job Experience RCHS must be submitted for review and approval


How to Report your RCH Activities

You are responsible for tracking your RCH activities as they occur. The most efficient way is to record them using the IHRIM Recertification Application and Credit Report Form.

You must report your RCHs and complete the renewal process prior to the end of your HRIP certification term to avoid suspension of your credential(s) (refer to the Suspended Status section in this handbook for more details).

If you do not earn and report the required RCHs within your certification term, your HRIP certification status will be suspended. The six-month suspension period can be used to earn and report the required RCHs.

Application Process for Credential Renewal

No later than thirty (60) days before the date your certification expires, you must submit payment of the renewal fee and complete the IHRIM Recertification Application and Credit Report Form supporting you have met the 60 Recertification Credit Hours criteria for recertification.

The renewal fee for IHRIM members is US$110 and US$200 for non-members.

After processing the completed application and the renewal payment, IHRIM will send you an updated certificate with the new active certification term dates via email.

You may cancel your HRIP credential at any time. To do so, contact IHRIM in writing. IHRIM will not refund portions of any fee.

Retired Status

Retired Members can apply for retired status and if approved will be exempt from recertification credit hour requirements. A credential holder who plans to continue doing part-time HRIS work (i.e., consulting, teaching) is not considered retired and is not eligible for retired status.

To be eligible for HRIP (Retired) status, you must pay the one-time fee ($120 for IHRIM members and $200 for nonmembers) and meet the following requirements:

  • The applicant is at least 65 years of age
  • All profession, business, or trade work has ceased (this excludes part-time nonplanning or nonprofessional work).
  • The applicant has held the HRIP credential for the last 6 (or more) consecutive years.
  • The applicant is an HRIP in good standing at the time the retiree application is received by IHRIM.

Once approved, credential-holders must add the word "Retired" in parenthesis after their HRIP designation as follows: HRIP (Retired).

Those with an HRIP (Retired) status can convert their HRIP (Retired) status back to active HRIP status by paying the appropriate renewal fee and completing the current RCH requirements (i.e., 60 hours within 36 months of renewal) or retaking and passing the certification exam.

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