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The HRIP exam is based on the domains of knowledge outlined in the IHRIM Certification Program Human Resource Information Professional Examination Blueprint.

The Blueprint is regularly reviewed and maintained by the HRIP SME Board.

HRIP Certification Study Guide

The HRIP Examination Study Guide provides an overview of the domains of knowledge and will help you to identify areas where additional study and/or work experience may be necessary before you take your exam.


HRIP Exam Review Course

IHRIM’s HRIP Exam Review Course is designed specifically to help candidates prepare for the HRIP certification exam. The course is taught live six times a year by HRIP certified instructors and includes:

  • 6-part Exam Review Course delivered through Zoom.
  • HRIP Certification Study Guide (electronic).
  • Access to Exam Review Course Recordings for 1 Year.

Each session is approximately 60 minutes and covers the following topics:

  • The HR Technology Strategy, Solutions Assessment & Identification
  • Technology Support of HR Business Processes
  • Project Management
  • Systems Selection
  • Systems Implementation
  • HR System Operations, System Maintenance & Upgrades

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HRIP Practice Exam

Boost your confidence with a practice test.

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Build Your Own HRIP Exam & Study Package

The HRIP Exam and preparation products may also be purchased as part of a custom package at a discount.

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