Keeping up with HR information technology challenges those in the workforce to continually renew their skills and expand their knowledge. IHRIM educational programs enable you to enhance your professional skills, network with peers and share strategies for managing the ever-changing HR information management environment.
The Human Resource Information Professional (HRIP) Certification exam is designed to assess the knowledge and competencies of professionals in HR information management. Passing the exam indicates a demonstrated, comprehensive understanding and proficiency of the defined body of knowledge.
IHRIM webinars are a high quality educational opportunity unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. You can participate in one of our programs from virtually anyplace.
SocialLink is IHRIM’s internal social networking site accessed by logging in to the membership database. In SocialLink, members can post questions and get answers from the community as well as join groups such as the HRIP Certification Review Group connecting candidates during their exam review process. In IHRIM’s Resource Library Group, members gain access to a collection of files, such as a sample RFI, as well as PDF files of IHRIM’s webinar slide decks.
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