7 Ways COVID-19 has Impacted HR Tech Projects

COVID-19 has had significant impact on Human Resources Software customers, vendors, and consulting firms–not only on projects currently in flight, but future investments this year and next. Raven Intel surveyed 146 members of IHRIM and OHUG (Oracle Human Resources User’s Group) in April, 2020 to determine the degree and time frame of impact and have produced a report that details the information.

“While the current economic and health situation is rapidly changing, the data we captured reflects early impacts to both current and future software projects and investments,” said Bonnie Tinder, principal of Raven Intel.

Below are 7 Takeaways from the report (as well as links to the report download and listen to the webinar hosted by IHRIM May 12th.)

7. The majority of software projects in flight have had significant impact–either being paused, having a scope change or being cancelled altogether.

39% report “dramatic impact to current projects / 37% report a “medium” impact / 24% say it has had “low” or no impact

6. No industry is immune from disruption.

The crisis has accelerated iteration, innovation and stretching previous boundaries of remote work. Our participants represented organizations in every industry and size and their HR functions have all been impacted by the pandemic.

5. The majority of future investments in HR technology will be impacted for a minimum of 6 months, if not more.

59% of respondents said they are cutting costs wherever possible, and while 34% said it will be ‘business as usual’ for now, they expect that to change. 6% are ramping up investments to deal with immediate COVID-19 needs.

4. Remote work is here to stay.

63% said that remote work has made them more productive (even though the transition wasn’t easy at first.) Only 11% said they’ll go back to the traditional work environment when this period is over.

3. Future Hiring will be dramatically impacted.

“Our future hiring is frozen”, said several respondents and others remarked that current employees will be required to do multiple jobs to make up for eliminated positions. 34% say the anticipated time frame for hiring freezes / cuts will be 6+ months.

2. Software and services vendors have been highly impacted–no in-person users conferences / tech shows, fewer potential projects / less new software spend.

Many respondents gave examples of vendors are stepping up to help customers with free programs, creative invoicing and consulting services.

1. If we were to do this study in 6 months–the results would be very different depending on several factors.

Even in the current study, many respondents answered to the best of their knowledge, knowing their answers today might be different tomorrow. Information which would have an impact on future study–unemployment rate, infection / mortality rates, vaccine timeframe, schools being open and the success of the ‘re-opening’ of business in the next couple of months.


Download the full report here
View the webinar recording here (5/12/2020)

Laurie Carantit

Laurie Carantit's background includes customer service, desktop publishing and administrative roles in the financial industry. She has worked for INVESCO Funds Group, Inc. and Aurora Loan Services, A Lehman Brothers Company prior to joining IHRIM. She was the IHRIM Director of Operations for 16 years.

Laurie holds a B.A., in Sociology from Keene State College. Originally from Maine, Laurie has been living and working in the Denver, Colorado area for the past 16 years. She has two children and is an active volunteer with the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America.

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