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Welcome to the 4th quarter edition of Workforce Solutions Review. This month’s theme is Employee Experience, a topic much on people’s minds these days. Ever since MIT’s Norbert Weiner coined the term Cybernetics (the study of human/machine interaction) in 1948, creating systems that are easy for people to use has been a priority. This is more pronounced in our post-pandemic business environment of full employment, easing the way people work has never been more important.

We kick off the issue with Mimi Brooks’ “Creating a Sustainable Digital Employee Experience.” Brooks’ company, Logical Design Solutions has been at the forefront of making work easier for decades.

Josh Bersin has authored a new book: “Irresistible, The Seven Secrets to the World’s Most Enduring, Employee-Focused Organizations. WSR has interviewed Bersin SVP Kathi Enderes, who unwraps the main themes and background of the book.

Stela Lupushor is the founder of Reframe.Work, and co-author of “Humanizing Human Capital” and “Humans at Work.” Her article: “HR’s Opportunity to Shape Workplace Experience through WorkTech” examines the technology behind aiding work and how it manifests in the real world.

Katherine Jones’ “The HR Professional’s Top Ten To-Do’s to Start 2023 Right” should be the New Year’s resolution for many companies committed to improving.

WSR Executive Editor Dan Vander Hey‘s “Who Are You Going to Call? How to Make Good Decisions on HR Technology” gives us keen insights and a robust list of vendors who can help you find the right vendor for your research or assessment through the myriad HR Tech choices in today’s market.

Reaching back into the archives from the WSR 4th quarter, 2018 issue is Ravin Jesuthesan and John Boudreau’s “The Future of Work: Can You Answer These Strategic Questions?” Ravin and John subsequently co-authored the book “Work Without Jobs.”

WSR’s Roy Altman looks under the hood of an Employee Engagement architecture, showing us the submerged part of the iceberg that can support a viable solution.

Co-Managing Editor, Dan Vander Hey offers a quick glimpse at the year ahead for Workforce Solutions Review.

Finally, IHRIM Chair Dennis Hill looks forward to the new year.

We hope you find this issue informative and entertaining, and a bridge to the technologies that will support a new era of making work more human.

Roy Altman
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Roy Altman is the founder/ CEO of Peopleserv, a software/services company. He frequently authors articles on business and technology, has co-authored six books on Business Process Management (BPM), and regularly presents at HR and BPM conferences. He is on the faculty of the Human Capital Analytics and Technology (HCAT) program at NYU. Altman serves on the editorial committee of IHRIM’s Workforce Solutions Review magazine. You can reach Roy at [email protected].

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