Advising Others to Volunteer: IHRIM Spotlights Tim Stewart, HRIP, HRMS Director, XO Communications

IHRIM is pleased to feature Tim Stewart in our current Volunteer Spotlight. Tim, HRMS Director, XO Communications, LLC., has been an IHRIM member since 2011.


Please tell us a little about your professional life such as what your job entails; how you got involved with HR technology; major accomplishments; current projects or challenges.

I’ve been working in the field of HR Technology & Systems for over 10 years, and I’m currently the HRMS Director for XO Communications, LLC. I’ve always had a thirst for technology and my work on many technology-based projects along with my interest in managing people landed me a leadership role for our HRIS department. I’ve had the opportunity, over these 10 years, to manage many HR Systems and implementations including: Core HR, Payroll, Benefits, LMS, Self-Service, and Talent Management. One of my major accomplishments includes the design and implementation of an in-house built self-service environment that resulted in the streamlining of employee change processes & workflows.

When did you join IHRIM and why? What is the greatest value you get from your membership? Is there any advice you would give other members?
I joined IHRIM in 2011 as I was seeking a professional certification in HR. The greatest value I receive in having an IHRIM membership is the opportunity to learn and connect with others who have similar interests and passions for IT and Human Capital. My advice to other members? Volunteer! With the variety of perspectives offered and shared by other IHRIM members, you can be assured you’ll learn something new!

What was the primary reason you became an IHRIM volunteer? Please describe your most recent IHRIM volunteer with the Human Resource Information Professional (HRIP) Certification Refresh Project?
I volunteered to help with the HRIP Certification Refresh Project for one simple reason: I believe in the value of the HRIP professional certification. When I studied for the HRIP exam in 2011, I found that the knowledge domains within the HRIP coursework were a close blueprint for HRIS professionals. This blueprint provided me a great opportunity to assess my own knowledge in HRIS, and it strengthened the framework in how I see my role as an HRIS Professional.

What have you enjoyed most about this volunteer experience?
I enjoyed helping ‘refresh’ the HRIP exam by writing a number of new questions for the exam and then participating in the technical review by actually taking the test and helping evaluate all the new questions.

I wanted to find a way to give back and this was a great opportunity for me to help make a difference with a program that I believe in.

How do you see being a volunteer benefiting your career?
Supporting a professional organization not only provides greater opportunities to network, but it also reflects your commitment to your profession and your personal growth.

And one fun question…If you had an opportunity to time travel when and where would you go?
I have a passion for geoscience ( B.S. Degree is in Geology), and given this… I would travel back to the early 1900’s and share with Alfred Wegner that in the somewhat distant future his theory of continental drift would be found as ‘theoretically’ correct. He was faced with a lot of criticism when he announced this theory of ‘moving continents’ to the world; unfortunately he didn’t have the means to prove it in his lifetime.

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