IHRIM Joins The Influence Board to Facilitate Rewarding Collaboration Among Members

DENVER, CO – June 29, 2021 – IHRIM, the International Association for Human Resource Information Management, and The Influence Board (TIB) today announced a partnership to foster more automated and relevant collaboration among members while raising significant funding for IHRIM’s educational initiatives.

IHRIM is the community for sharing expert knowledge that leverages HR systems, technologies, and analytics for business excellence. This new partnership will facilitate IHRIM’s continuing work to create meaningful collaboration between industry leaders and business partners while elevating corporate social responsibility. We will use the revenue obtained from TIB specifically for education initiatives, including HRIO and the Introduction to HR Technology course development.

The Influence Board provides time-constrained business leaders the ability to offer 1-hour of their time for a pre-qualified, exploratory meeting in return for a meaningful donation to a worthy cause.

“We chose to partner with The Influence Board because their platform allows our executives and members to create timely collaboration and open doors for economic recovery. This partnership aligns IHRIM with charitable causes who will benefit financially from meetings that occur,” Dennis Hill, IHRIM Director at Large for Partnerships & Alliances, said.

Jay Allen, the CEO of The Influence Board, has founded numerous networks of influential business leaders over the past 20 years – all built on relationships of trust.

“IHRIM is such a well-regarded organization and is an industry leader, so we are pleased to have them join us in fostering member collaboration and raising funds for worthy causes,” Allen said.

All members of IHRIM will be invited to participate on The Influence Board, and the forum is also open to any organization or individual interested in requesting meetings with business leaders on the platform.

IHRIM is the premier trade association for human resources information management systems and works towards furthering education, legislation, and social action. IHRIM offers numerous events, educational forums, and business conferences that bring together leaders, visionaries, and community members to impact the HR technology industry. To become a member or to learn more about IHRIM, please visit www.IHRIM.org

The Influence Board is a platform designed to empower business leaders to have a more significant social impact and exposure to innovation via a tightly controlled meeting request process. Business leaders can establish a value for an hour of their time, choose worthy causes to support, then take approved meetings with the meeting value donated to charity. Learn more at www.InfluenceBoard.com

For More Information, Contact:
Jay Allen, The Influence Board [email protected]; 720-981-3570
Dennis Hill, IHRIM Director at Large for Partnerships & Alliances [email protected]; 303-807-7175

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