8 Key Tips for Successful HR System Evaluations

A few years ago, when the industry of technology was at its beginning, no one had ever imagined that such progress will be made. From piles of papers with resumes and evaluations, we are at a moment when new software is developed every day.
But in this ever-changing world of technology and software, every HR Professional needs a strategy to better evaluate the HR System. An evaluation system that worked in the past might not work now, so you need some guidelines to follow.
What do you need to highlight and analyze? Here are the eight key tips for a successful HR system evaluation.

Analyze the Current System
As an HR Professional, you need to have a strategy. You need to paint a clear picture of how the next year will look with an ideal system in place. Analyze the systems of the company, not only the HR ones.
“It is important to analyze your current system and what it lacks. Think about your goals and objectives for the next year and how to accomplish them. This way you can better analyze and review the details.”, advises Stephen King, a freelancer who writes custom papers and offers professional writer service.

Do a Strategy
Prepare a timeline that will guide you through the implementation of the new software or changes. Highlight the current technology state and the desired one. You will probably need to present your strategy to the top management.
“A strategy helps you gain a holistic view of the company, as well as of the issues that exist within the company”, says Karmen Salva, HR Professional, and strategist.
Of course, there are so many details to be discussed. But focus on the general benefits. And if there is more than one option, briefly discuss each. Highlight the most recommended option.

Gather the Right Resources
How to better evaluate and implement the new changes without the help of a team? You will need not one, but three teams. These people will help you test and analyze the new system, as well as its impact on the company and the current work style. They will help you analyze the functionalities and benefits of the system. You need to gather committed employees that understand their role within the team. They should be flexible and speak out their opinions. Remember that you need sincere and honest ideas to choose the best system.

Establish a Core Team
You need a Core Team made of members that will work with you on the entire process. They should be employees from all areas of the company. The impact of the new system must be analyzed at all levels. The Core Team is also responsible for making the final recommendation to the top management. You need reliable and responsible team members. As they will make the final recommendation, they need to have excellent speaking skills. Like this, you will eliminate any possible misunderstandings.

Establish an Extended Team
The Extended Team consists of all members of the Core Team and also employees that will be directly affected by the system change. It is important to keep in mind that not only the HR department will be affected if the changes will be adopted.
“When I started evaluating the HR system within the company, I have realized that a possible system change impacts not only the HR department. And so, I decided to include also employees that work in stakeholder positions. It worked out great!”, says Julia Inschgl, HR Professional at a multinational company.

Establish a Demo Team
Members from the Extended Team are also members of the Demo Team, alongside experts in the areas impacted by the system. The Demo Team tests the new system and analyses its benefits. Usually, subject matter experts attend only the demo portions that have the greatest impact on their work.

One good idea would be to ask a consultant to assist you along the process if you have a budget. An objective opinion is always appreciated. And support and assistance in the areas you feel you need the most will be provided. How should you select the best HR consultant?
He should be aware of the full recruiting process and should have experience engaging the employees. He should demonstrate that can understand the cores of your business, your mission, vision, and values. He should have experience implementing mergers or restructures. And most important, choose a consultant that knows how to communicate effectively. If he does not have domain-knowledge and he does not know how to express his ideas and suggestions, he will be of no help.

Analyze the Requirements
To analyze and prioritize the requirements, you firstly need to find out how the work is done at the moment. Conduct interviews with leaders from each area of the organization. And not only leaders but team members too. Analyze the current functionalities of the system without debating them.

Compile all the requirements and prioritize them by doing a list. Keep it short and simple, but easy to understand by everyone who will read the document.

Evaluate the Technology
New technologies might sound interesting and attractive, but they are not suited for every company. Instead, focus on choosing a technology that fits the company culture and get it tested by the Core Team. Ask them to rate the system’s usability and functionality. Be sure you understand all the system’s functionalities and how you will use them in the future.

It might seem that this process should not take long. It is important to not set high expectations, as you depend on the team’s availability. The vendors and the ones that will provide the demos will also influence the length of the process. Usually, if given enough time to analyze the changes, this process should take about 12 weeks. Do not rush it and give it time to taking the best decision.
Conducting a successful HR system evaluation is not something difficult. If you follow the steps presented above, you can make your process more objective. Keep in mind the goals of the company and never forget that success is possible.

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