#HRISchat with Karen Beaman: Driving Globally Strategic Payroll

#HRISchat Session 20
Driving Globally Strategic Payroll
Tuesday, May 6, 2014


U.S. government statistics cite that a majority (approximately 75%) of the world’s purchasing power is situated outside of our nation. One survey from NFIB found that nearly three-fourths of small business owners would like to expand their workforce worldwide. While global expansion offers the promise of increased business, it also presents a number of payroll challenges. One key to keeping your company on course when implementing a global business strategy is to maintain a globally strategic payroll program.


The phrase “globally strategic payroll” is open to misinterpretation and has sparked many animated discussions. There are some who assert that, by its nature, payroll is not a strategic function of the business, while others point out that the complexity of country-level regulations and the immaturity of global payroll technologies prevent the function from ever being truly “global.”

With this global strategic payroll paradox in mind, we are excited to be joined by industry luminary, Karen V. Beaman, founder and Chief Executive Officer of Jeitosa Group International. In addition to guest moderating this session of #HRISchat, Karen will be presenting ‘Driving Globally Strategic Payroll: The Paradoxical Journey to Efficiency and Innovation’ at the 2014 IHRIM Conference to be held June 1-4 at the Anaheim Marriott.

“As more organizations look outside their home borders for new growth opportunities, understanding the leading practices for managing a global payroll program is essential for success,” says Karen. “I look forward to presenting at #IHRIM2014 to, among other things, provide an objective analysis of the global payroll landscape and describe the specific strategies employed by top-performing organizations that help them reconcile the conflicting forces in the global payroll environment”

The #HRISchat questions:

Q1: With globalization continuing to accelerate, what are some key things to consider when developing a strategic payroll program?

Q2: What does it mean to have payroll become a strategic function within your organization?

Q3: What are some of the best ways to make global payroll a reality?

Q4: What are the benefits of having smart global payroll strategies employed by your organization?

Q5: How will technology shape the global payroll strategies over the next 12 months? 2 years?

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