Enjoying an Abundant Life Thanks to IHRIM

Enjoying an abundant life thanks to IHRIM – spotlight on Dr. Lisa Plantamura, HRIP, Assistant Professor and Director of Instructional Design, Centenary College
IHRIM shines our volunteer spotlight on Dr. Lisa Plantamura, HRIP, Assistant Professor and Director of Instructional Design, Centenary College



IHRIM: Lisa, please tell us a little about your professional life such as what your job entails; how you got involved with HR technology; your major accomplishments.

Lisa: I am Associate Professor, Director of Instructional Design, and Director of the MBA Program at Centenary College in New Jersey, as well as the co-founder and Vice President of Operations and Development for Professors On Demand [Academia’s Virtual Resource Pool]. I’ve spent over 20 years in human resources information systems management positions, working in a variety of industries and as an independent consultant. I was a co-founder and director of the Human Resources Information Management Society and a director for IHRIM, from which I received the prestigious Summit Award. I currently serve on the Boards of the HRIM Foundation and PEHRS.


IHRIM: When did you join IHRIM and why?

Lisa: I joined HRSP (IHRIM’s original name) when HR systems ran only on mainframes and IHRIM had one chapter — in San Francisco. I worked with a group of dedicated professionals to start the New York Chapter when asked by Al Walker, the Chapter’s founding president, after meeting him at an AMA meeting. It was early in my career, and I wanted to be in on the start of something professionally exciting, which it was! We had some challenges, but also great fun, in building the chapter, setting up quarterly meetings, and planning the third annual conference in New York City.


IHRIM: What is the greatest value you get from your membership?

Lisa: As an IHRIM member, I’ve worked on a variety of committees and projects, at the association and at the chapter level, including chapter and organization boards of directors, professional development, editorial, education, scholarship selection, Summit Award selection, and, currently, the HRIM Foundation and the higher education partnership. I’ve had the opportunity to travel to different states and countries to speak and interact with people from many unique types of companies and organizations, as well as to write and publish several articles and chapters for books. Along the way, I made great contacts, some of whom were integral in obtaining jobs. In addition, I gained a great deal of knowledge and forged life-long friendships.


IHRIM: Any other perspective you want to share with the IHRIM audience?

Lisa: I have long been inspired by this quote from William J. H. Boetcker — “The more you learn what to do with yourself, and the more you do for others, the more you will learn to enjoy the abundant life.” IHRIM has certainly contributed to my abundant life!


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