A Journey to the Heart of an HR Technology Show #HRISChat Session 11

Las Vegas is HOT, and we’re not just talking about the weather! So it’s only natural that it is the venue chosen to debut this year’s HOTTEST and most innovative technologies supporting HR. On this special edition of #HRISChat, we’re talking with attendees at the show about what they’re, seeing, hearing, loving and loathing. Join IHRIM Board members Jeremy Ames and Damon Lovett (of Gaucho Group and KnowedgeSource, respectively), as they explore the top products and trends from every area of HR. Weigh in on buzz worthy topics like SaaS, Mobile, Big Data and the Cloud with our co-moderators who will incorporate product vendors and show attendees into the conversation.


Couldn’t make the trip to Vegas? We’re bringing the technology to you! Interact with us at the IHRIM booth on the exhibit hall floor LIVE with Spreecast video and/or via Twitter and get the inside scoop from HR professionals and industry experts alike!


Here are this week’s questions:
Q1: What are the most buzzed about, “must have” technologies at this year’s show?
Q2: Forget all the hype and tell us which tech solutions you think are most useful to HR and why? Which tech solutions are you “so over”?
Q3: Is there a technology that made you stop and say “WOW” or “Now that’s a great idea?”
Q4: What areas seem to be sparking the most innovation? Talent Management, Social, Analytics? You tell us.
Q5: What are some of the hot topics trending at the show? Affordable care, mobile, strategic planning, etc.?
Q6: What are some ways that you will keep learning about HR Information Systems until the IHRIM conference rolls around?
Q7: What is the single most important thing you will take away from the 2013 show?

LIVE and tweeting in Las Vegas:
A journey to the heart of an HR Technology Show

October 8th 2013 12:30 PM PST/3:30 PM EST

Hosted by Gaucho Group LIVE from IHRIM booth #1544 at the
16th Annual HR Technology Conference and Exposition


Attending the conference? Be sure to stop by the IHRIM booth #1544 to chat with us LIVE


New to TweetChat? Don’t worry, it’s easy! Go to www.twubs.com, enter HRISChat at the top of the screen next to the # symbol and click “go.” It will likely prompt you to login to Twitter. Then just watch for the questions and provide your answers. We look forward to your participation next Tuesday 10/8 at 12:30 PM PST/3:30 PM EST.


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