Nov Omana, Collective HR Solutions

Nov Omana, co-founder, and CEO of Collective HR Solutions, is known for his thought leadership and understanding of combining and leveraging technology. He is known for “connecting the dots” between technologies to create new solutions and solve business problems. Frequent keynote presenter, moderator, or contributor for HR associations’ presentations, Nov is often sought by media for general opinions on the industry and insight on technology and HR trends.  He consults with many research firms, providing insight into the technology, HR trends, and the “buyers’ needs.”  He is often sought for his futurist perspective of the changing workplace, the worker, and the work itself. Nov serves on several Boards and groups, including, Chairman of the Technology Review Council – Hosting sessions for over 500 individuals gathered to view new technology and provide feedback to vendors; Founding member of Human Centric Labs – the Future of Work, and DisruptHR-bay Area; International Human Resources Information Management (IHRIM) Board of Directors – HR Technology Association; Chairman of the BayWork Digital Workforce Committee; and Founder and host of TechNovLogic podcast series – addressing the business and HR problems facing organizations today. Nov has also been a certified Human Resources Information Professional (HRIP) since 2010 and won the prestigious IHRIM Summit Award. Nov can be reached at [email protected].

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