John Macy

John Macy is a globally recognized thought leader in HR technology and has been an industry leader for the last two decades. He founded Competitive Edge Technology in 1994. He was awarded a Life Fellowship with the Australian HR Institute in 2013 and inducted in AHRI’s Hall of Fame in 2020. He is a member of AHRI’s Technology Advisory Panel, a member of the ISO Standards Committee for Blockchain and was a member of a working group developing Australia’s Blockchain Roadmap. As an HR consultant specializing in technology, he has worked throughout Asia and China and spent several years working in America. He has written several books on HR technology and contributed to numerous publications over many years. His extensive HR experience was gained working for Qantas Airways in senior HR positions. You can reach John at [email protected].

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The Scope and Impact of Web3 on HR Systems

As the world continues to emerge from the crippling pandemic, we can only assume that change will occur continuously, impacting work forces, HR practices, and technologies. Yesterday’s HR platforms are incapable of doing pivoting since they are resistant to disruption by design. Further by intent, HR platforms prefer a monolithic architecture consisting of various applications […]

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Decentralized Human Resource Technology

What has been promoted in a trustless world as a supply chain solution and an alternate form of currency, blockchain has gained acceptance in the enterprise space and various technical communities as a critical technology for the future. Given its embryonic state, blockchain is not a direct replacement for current human resource management systems. Rather,

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