Melissa Dobbins

Melissa Dobbins is many things; entrepreneur, engineer, analyst, product strategist, mother, Star Wars enthusiast, leader, avid writer, USC Trojan, wife, science fiction fan, speaker, artist, etc. While she has many facets, none can define her. Just like everyone else, Melissa is more than a description on a piece of paper. She founded because she believes everyone deserves to be evaluated for their true potential and not by the biases triggered by a few words.

Career.Place is an anonymous candidate screening platform that helps organizations hire more effectively without bias. By removing bias, organizations open the door to a wider candidate pool while driving diversity, efficiency, and compliance. It does this by replacing bias-laden resumes and time-consuming screening calls with a structured blind process that equips the hiring team with the ability to easily and objectively identify those best qualified for the job.

Career.Place, removing bias one hire at a time.

Evaluating Reporting Solutions Starts with Reporting Needs

How often are you in the market for HR/TA technology without reporting requirements – where you have no need to see or understand or evaluate the data collected and housed in the solution? Hopefully, your answer is “never”. Data and reporting are critical for understanding the health and potential of your systems and operations. Without […]

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