Robert Mb. Flak, Ed.D.

Robert is a Senior Human Resources/Information Systems Analyst at the U.S. Army Human Resources Command within the U.S. Department of Defense. He has more than 16 years of considerable experience drawing on cross-industry involvement, sustainable strategies, thorough market analysis, and a focus on process improvements. Robert possesses a comprehensive background in human resource management, identifying talent, and negotiation. His expertise is rooted in building high-performance cross-functional teams, developing executive-level client relationships, and utilizing best-practice human resource management approaches. Robert is adeptly skilled at functioning independently and collaboratively within matrix environments for both internal and external business relationships. He is intently excited about the intersections of HR technology, human resource/human capital planning and strategy, and HR automation.

Robert also serves on the board of directors of the Western Kentucky University Alumni Association. He previously served as the President of the Senior Advisory Council within the Defense Intelligence Agency and as a member of the Harvard Business Review Advisory Council.

Robert holds a doctorate in organizational change and leadership from the University of Southern California, a master’s degree in organizational leadership from Western Kentucky University, and a bachelor’s degree in organizational management from Ashford University. His doctoral dissertation focused on the improvement of employee competency development; using retuned succession competencies; to solve gaps in organizational executive succession planning; through knowledge, motivation, and organizational lenses.

Robert has earned the Certified Digital Networking Professional (CDN-P) certification from Tenova®.

Senior Human Resources/Information Systems Analyst
U.S. Department of Defense

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