John Macy

Founder - Competitive Edge Technology Pty Ltd

John Macy is an internationally experienced HR technology consultant. He has consulted with governments, high-profile clients, and some of the largest companies in the world. He has worked extensively through the Asia Pacific Region, including China and Malaysia and major cities in the USA.

Before founding Competitive Edge Technology in 1994, he worked for Qantas Airways in senior HR roles, participated in the design and development of the Qantas HR system, and was responsible for the global implementation. He was a member of the IHRIM editorial committee in the 1990s and wrote several books, authored numerous articles, and made hundreds of presentations on HR technology around the world.

As a lifelong proponent of modular HR functional solutions, microservices, and plug-in application frameworks, Mr. Macy has been a thought leader encouraging innovation at the leading edge of HR Technologies and today stands at the forefront of edge computing, Web3 transition, and the use of AI to improve HR productivity.

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