Vijay Balasubramanian, Microsoft

Vijayasarathi Balasubramanian, known as Vijay, works for Microsoft as a Senior Data and Applied Scientist. Vijay obtained his master’s in data science from the University of Notre Dame, and he has 17 years of progressive professional experience in technology and its practical applications. Vijay is associated with prestigious associations, including IEEE, IET, and BCS. Indian Achievers Forum awarded Vijay the “International Achievers Award,” and Golden Bridge (Globee) awarded the Data Scientist of the Year award. Vijay frequently discusses technology and its applications in various forums, especially Human Resources. He can be reached at [email protected].

An Exploration of AI’s Role to Address Bias in the Workplace

Introduction Most successful organizations in the world are the ones that create space for diversity in the workplace. Having people with different backgrounds and cultures fosters an environment for innovation. Computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee, one of whose inventions is the World Wide Web (WWW), champions diversity and states, “We need diversity of thought in the […]

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Everyday Feedback

Introduction Every organization has an organizational structure where the manager leads a group of employees. The manager/leader is supposed to give feedback to each team member and decide on the bonus/annual increase or decrease. Few companies have “360-degree” feedback mechanisms, but almost all have one-way feedback from managers to team members. Feedback is expected to

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