Membership Options

IHRIM provides several all-inclusive membership options designed to meet the needs of our members and prospective members.

Individual Membership

All individuals currently working in or have an interest in the field of Human Resource Information Management are eligible to select membership in this category.

Corporate Membership & HRIP Bundle

For Corporate Membership details, please visit the IHRIM Corporate Membership page. We look forward to an opportunity to share how we work with Corporate Members. IHRIM offers membership discounts for organizations purchasing membership for 5 or more of its employees. An investment in IHRIM corporate membership is an investment in your organization’s human capital. Organizations can bundle a number of products and services and can transfer membership between individuals when job responsibilities change.

Student / Faculty Membership

IHRIM offers full time students and faculty membership at special rates. Membership in IHRIM provides access to invaluable resources and opportunities to help with research, discussions, thesis, and coursework and keeps you up-to-date with the latest news and information in HR information management. As an IHRIM student member, you can learn about the HR information management profession, explore your future career options, and build your professional network.


IHRIM Student and Faculty Membership Benefits (PDF)

IHRIM HRIP Certified Resources Study

Raven Intel recently conducted a survey of companies and their HRIS projects. Check out their findings below.

Respondents believe projects with an IHRIM HRIP Certified resource are:

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