IHRIM's Community in a Box


While modern technology offers many opportunities for virtual collaboration, there is no substitute for local communities – IHRIM members and peers who meet regularly face-to-face: sharing ideas, resolving challenges, and building professional networks for career advancement. Our members are grappling with unprecedented change in the HR technology space – digitization, artificial intelligence, vendor proliferation, data security, and analytics are just some of the topics that the modern HRIT professional must address and it is our belief that IHRIM Communities provide our members with greater access to local resources on these, and many other, HR technology topics.
A community is defined as a self-governed group of IHRIM members serving a local population supported by IHRIM in its operating standards and which supports the overarching mission of IHRIM through its operations. Additionally, a community must meet the following criteria:

  • Has at least five (5) IHRIM members
  • Has an elected group of officers who direct community activities
  • Serves a specific limited geographical area

Key Objectives

This proposal for the Community-in-a-Box model is designed to execute on the following key objectives:

  • Create a framework to support IHRIM member community development: This would involve creating a framework to foster and support member community growth including a limited set of requirements and operating procedures outlining geographic requirements, governance, and national support.
  • Support the delivery of local engagement and networking: Provide mechanisms to support the development and delivery of local events that meet the needs of local members for networking, education, and outreach.
  • Membership: Increase membership through localized engagement activities and outreach.

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