Exam Review Course

Exam Review Course Overview

The Human Resource Information Professional (HRIP) Certification Exam is designed to assess the knowledge and competencies of professionals in the HR technology field. Passing the exam indicates a demonstrated comprehensive understanding and proficiency of the defined body of knowledge in HR information management.

This Exam Review Course is designed to help candidates review for the HRIP certification exam. It is not intended to replace professional experience or other sources of achieving professional competence.

The key topics and terminology in each of the four (4) domains will be covered.

Review of the four (4) main knowledge areas measured by the examination:
Technology Strategy and Solution Assessment – 15% of examination
HR Technology and Business Processes – 30% of examination
Systems Selections, Implementations and Upgrades – 30% of examination
HR Systems Operations – 25% of examination
Please review the Examination Blueprint for more detailed information.
The HR professional with 3-5 years’ experience in HR Technology who is considering taking the certification examination, but unsure if they have the breadth of knowledge needed to pass the Certification Examination.

The HR Professional with 5 or more years of experience in HR Technology who is considering taking the certification examination.

The HRIP Exam Review Course is delivered two ways, either by an instructor led, live webinar series conducted via Zoom or as a recorded series for on-demand viewing. Each session is approximately 60 minutes.

Part 1 – The HR Technology Strategy, Solutions Assessment and Identification
Part 2 – Technology Support of HR Business Processes
Part 3 – Project Management
Part 4 – Systems Selection
Part 5 – Systems Implementation
Part 6 – HR System Operations, System Maintenance and Upgrades

Pricing applies to both the live series and the recorded series. IHRIM Members please login and go to the online store to receive the member rate. Click here to register for the recorded webinar series.

Examination Options

IHRIM delivers the exam via Live Online Proctoring or at one of Scantron’s world-wide test centers.
First you must purchase the exam from IHRIM’s online store and you will be prompted to complete IHRIM’s NDA upon completion of purchase. Once the NDA is complete you will be sent instructions to register for the exam with Scantron, our third-party test hosting application. **Please note: if you do not have an account in IHRIM’s member database you must first create a profile and then search for the exam in the online store.

Candidates who select to take the exam via Live Online Proctor will be required to meet the technical specifications for compatibility and comply with all online testing security requirements.

Only the HRIP review products purchased through the IHRIM website are approved and promoted by IHRIM.

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