Vision, Purpose and Values

Our Vision

Create a world where HR technology positively impacts every employee, manager, and organization by elevating the profession of Human Resource Information Management throughout the HR value chain.

Our Purpose

IHRIM is the community for sharing expert knowledge that leverages HR systems, technologies, and analytics for business excellence.

The Pillars of IHRIM


IHRIM is a staunch advocate for the HRIT profession – using our resources to elevate the practice, connecting HRIT to peers, and communicating the value of strong leadership in HR tech management.


IHRIM’s ecosystem is a central repository of curated educational material and experiential learning addressing the multi-faceted needs of our members, supporting our certification program, members’ career aspirations, and skill requirements.


IHRIM Membership is a tangible experience through personalized member environments providing easy access to all member benefits, education, volunteer opportunities, partner benefits, and professional relationships all tied to our vision.

Our Values

Connections / Relationship

Have fun / enjoyment

Integrity / Trust / Honesty

Value those that contribute to our community

Quality / Professionalism

Unbiased / Neutrality

We value our members

Diversity of ideas

Learning & Knowledge

Our Mission

Since 1980, the International Association for Human Resource Information Management (IHRIM) has been committed to achieving its vision by playing a major role in the advocacy, education, collaboration, and professional certification of HR technology professionals around the world.

As the technology landscape in HR undergoes a revolution, our work is more critical than ever, helping novice and experienced professionals deliver value and sustainability by creating timeless skills, providing access to future-focused learning, and building valuable communities of practice.

IHRIM is committed to advancing the profession by creating joint relationships between industry practitioners, suppliers, and educators to elevate the role of the HR technologist throughout the HR value chain.