Workforce Solutions Review Editorial Policy

The Editorial Policy for the Workforce Solutions Review (WSR) is used as a guideline for publishing this bi-monthly magazine for the membership of the International Association for Human Resource Information Management (IHRIM) or non-member subscribers.

It is the intent of IHRIM and its Editorial Committee not to publish editorial or advertising that could be construed as being libelous or slanderous in nature. Under the guidelines of fair comment, everyone has a right to comment on matters of public interest and concern, provided they do so fairly and with an honest purpose. Such comments or criticism are not libelous, however severe in their terms, unless they are written maliciously.

The WSR will not favor any vendor or supplier of goods and services relevant to its readership. To ensure that individual companies or individual authors are not unduly represented, authors are limited to contributing two articles per year, one (1) feature and one (1) department column per year. This does not apply to standing columns. The Guest Editor and Columns Editor ensure that articles written by persons from their companies do not appear in the issues which they are editing. The Editorial Committee Chair, Co-Chair and Managing Editor must approve of any deviation from this practice.

Articles cannot promote products, services or specific companies. Explicit promotion or company mentions is a cause for rejection or editing by the Guest Editor, Columns Editor, Committee Chair or Co-Chair or Managing Editor.

All contributions will be edited for quality, length and content in keeping with the WSR Editorial Style Guidelines. The WSR Editorial Committee has the right to review, edit and/or reject articles for reasons of content, quality, length or post-deadline submission. The WSR Editorial Committee has the right to publish (and edit for grammar and length) all contributions to the “Letters to the Editor.” All editorial contributions will be published in the English of the contributing author.

The WSR is dedicated to publishing leading-edge articles on subjects of interest to the HRMS industry and IHRIM members. As such, articles and contributions previously published elsewhere, such as on a Web page or HR or IT industry magazine will not be considered for publication. If the submission has been published in an internal company publication or a company intranet only, then it may be considered for wider industry distribution in WSR.

The WSR seeks to have articles appeal to an international audience. If at all possible, each issue will contain a feature either written by a non-U.S. based author or about a subject of interest to a non-U.S. based audience. To maintain balance, WSR will seek to acquire editorial contributions that reflect and address the perspectives and issues of vendors, consultants and practitioners alike. Currently, WSR does not pay for editorial contributions.

Submissions to Workforce Solutions Review should be sent to Tom Faulkner,