IHRIM Sunrise to Sunset Virtual HR Technology Leadership Summit

August 11, 2021 | 7:00am to 7:00pm Central Standard Time (USA)

Join your HR technology peers at a unique event designed for you and your career-path!

IHRIM’s Sunrise to Sunset Virtual HR Technology Leadership Summit is an innovative approach to learning and sharing insights into the HR technology profession from entry (sunrise) through exit (sunset) with a focus on career development for prospective, emerging, and experienced HR technologists (supporting or leading HRIS or talent management software functions and projects).

We’ve organized the content into four stages of the career lifecycle: entry, evolve, engage, and egress. In addition to the formal learning, the Summit will connect you with leaders in the HR technology field, building life-long networking opportunities to support your growth in HR technology management.

Fast Facts

  • When: Wednesday, August 11th, 2021, from 7am to 7pm Central Standard Time (USA)
  • Where: Virtual, through the Whova technology platform
  • For What Investment: $50USD for IHRIM members; $100USD for non-members
  • How: To register, go to https://ihrim.site-ym.com/events/EventDetails.aspx?id=1520343

Take Time to Develop Yourself...

The last twelve months have put incredible pressure on HR and IT professionals. You’ve been forced to revolutionize your approach to HR technology, adapting to unforeseen changes in how work gets done. Long hours, extra shifts, new sources of information, and mission-critical deadlines have become the norm.

Now is the time to step back and take a moment to do something for you – to spend time with your colleagues, to learn new skills for the future, to build a rewarding career-path, and to seek out tips on maintaining a healthy work-life balance. It’s one day – but it could be the most important day of the year.

The Sunrise to Sunset event isn’t an expense. It is an investment – in you and your ability to transform your organization’s approach to HR technology. We want to welcome as many of you as possible; that’s why the registration fee is capped at $50 for IHRIM members and $100 for non-members (who can also purchase an annual IHRIM membership at our new introductory rate of $100, after July 1st)!

Sponsorships Available!

This premium event offers multiple tracks and keynote presentations throughout the day on a variety of topics to inform and educate professionals who straddle human resources and technology disciplines. This year’s theme focuses on career pathfinding, strategies, and individual development from entering the field through corporate leadership – Sunrise to Sunset.

Career Development by IHRIM

“There has always been a lot of HR and IT organizations. IHRIM attracted me because it is for HR information management and technology professionals. I’m fortunate to belong to a company who supports the growth and development of its employees. When HRIP certification was launched, our team studied together and obtained our certifications at the same time. Maintaining this certification requires me to always be involved with HRMS projects, to be connected with other professionals through conferences and training, and to stay current with HR technology trends.”

Yazmin Oliveira, HRIP | Lead Business Analyst | Cox Enterprises

Learn More About the Summit

IHRIM’s Sunrise to Sunset Virtual HR Technology Leadership Summit is the place to connect with professionals from the world of HR information and system management.

With twelve hours of content delivered in a single day by industry leaders and passionate evangelists, informal networking, opportunities for collaboration, surveys, and featured vendors, this event offers immense value whether you’re a seasoned HR technology practitioner or someone seeking to switch careers into HR and talent management applications.

The Summit Will Offer...

  • An international audience of HR technology practitioners and leaders
  • First-hand access to groundbreaking ideas
  • Opportunities to build long-lasting friendships with HR peers
  • A combination of strategic and tactical content
  • Diverse learning formats, from 1-to-many presentations to small group interactions
  • Inspirational topics that recharge and reboot

Our Topics are Relevant to Every HR Technology Professional

Entering the Profession

  • Introduction to the Profession of HR Technology
  • The Growing Importance of HR Applications
  • What Does it Mean to be an “HR Technologist?”
  • A Day in the Life

Evolving Your Career

  • Growing Your Expertise
  • Charting Your Career-Path
  • Balancing Work and Life
  • Creating a Positive Mindset

Engaging Your Ecosystem

  • Leading Strategic Projects
  • Managing from the Middle
  • Deriving Value From Your Network of Peers
  • Managing Unexpected Change

Preparing for the Next Phase of Your Career

  • Planning for the Next Generation of Professionals
  • Mentoring for Maximum Impact
  • “Giving Back” to Your Communities
  • Staying Engaged (Flexible Work)

“There is a need for HR professionals to reskill, to gain softer skills in design thinking and harder skills such as integration of technology across HR and beyond.”

Why You Must Attend...

Whether you are a student, new professional, emerging leader, or long-time HRIT professional, researcher, or trail blazer in HR Technology, this conference is for you! You may be looking forward to new professional opportunities, reflecting back on your career path, or at any point along the way.

You should attend if you….

  • Lead HR technology initiatives at your firm
  • Work in or support any aspect of HR technology selection, deployment, and management
  • Maintain software partnerships and want to improve the effectiveness of those relationships
  • Are looking to build a high-performing team of professionals
  • Want to better advise your colleagues on how to advance their careers in HR technology
  • Would like to “give back” to your HRIT community by engaging and developing peers
  • Aspire to make HR technology your future career and want to know how to get started
  • Wish to expand your network of international HR technology leaders

Hear From the Team

The Future of HR Technology: Professionals Must Develop Expertise in Platforms, Technologies, Strategy, and Data Security

“Companies are seeking HRIS specialists with experience getting multiple platforms to work together. That’s not easy when large enterprises use dozens of HR applications. Firms with global operations also need HR technology managers who can oversee centralized HR platforms for some functions and country-specific ones for others. These same technology executives must stay abreast of HR regulations everywhere the business operates and of the latest security safeguards worldwide.”

HR Technology Report, Workforce Magazine