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Buyers, decision-makers, and influencers are seeking your insightful expertise, product knowledge, and game-changing solutions involving HRTech.

For 40 years and to more than 90,000 professionals, IHRIM has provided education, training and support on emerging and best practices.

Where Vendors and Consulting Firms are Partners, Not Merely Sponsors.

An immersive experience awaits you within our Association by engaging our global community and sharing our resources.

Tired of just “sticking your logo on a webpage”? IHRIM wants your contribution to our education and membership development programs. For example, you might consider sharing new ideas, participating in webinar series, or leading research projects. This strategy improves our members’ knowledge and delivers business leads to you, moving your involvement with IHRIM from simple sponsorship to rewarding partnership.

Partnering with IHRIM Makes Sense.

  • Industry Credibility – Since 1980, IHRIM has been the resource preferred by HRTech professionals for industry news, knowledge and networking.
  • Efficient Marketing Spend – Campaigns targeted at IHRIM members hit an audience where 97% can and do make HRTech purchasing decisions.
  • Highly Qualified Audience – For many in and around the field, IHRIM is the exclusive source for new and updated knowledge in human resources and related technologies, from globally recognized experts.

Our Vision for HRTech Education as a Force for Social & Professional Progress.

  • Industry Advocacy – IHRIM passionately advocates on behalf of the HRTech profession by applying our global resources, elevating the practice, connecting peers, and nurturing values of strong, ethical leadership in HRTech management.
  • Continuing Education – IHRIM’s resources include a curated repository of educational material. Through multi-media and multi-disciplinary content, IHRIM addresses the multi-faceted needs of HRTech professionals. Our certification program directly supports and promotes members’ career development in an industry demanding these critical skills.
  • Vibrant Community – IHRIM membership is a tangible experience through personalized member environments, providing easy access to all membership assets, educational programming, volunteer opportunities, partner benefits, and global relationships that impact locally and individually.

Partnering Opportunities for You with IHRIM

  • Print and Digital Advertising
    • Workforce Solutions Review (WSR)
    • Website / Technology Hub Banner Ads
    • Online Buyer’s Guide Listing
  • Campaigning to over 10,000 prospects
  • Hosting, co-hosting & delivering content-rich Webinars through IHRIM
  • Creating & moderating an online Community on IHRIM’s site owned by your organization
  • Accessing special promotions and programs via a Preferred Relationship with IHRIM & other related events

To Explore Partnerships with IHRIM

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