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The IHRIM Chair’s Award is presented to an individual who has made outstanding contributions to the general field of human resource information management. This award is selected by the chair of the IHRIM Board of Directors not on an annual basis but rather in recognition of an IHRIM member who’s contributions are deserving of this honor.

2010 IHRIM Chair’s Award Winners:

The Members of IHRIM’s Human Resource Information Professional (HRIP)
Certification Technical Review Team

In 2009, IHRIM developed the only independent certification program available in the HRIM field, the Human Resource Information Management Professional (HRIP). HRIP is a test-based certification program, and passing the exam indicates a demonstrated comprehensive understanding and proficiency of the defined body of knowledge in HR information management.

Test development was a multiple phase process – beginning with defining our Body of Knowledge and creating the Exam Blueprint. The second phase – Item Writing – created the first pool of questions. Volunteers were trained in item development and coached in writing consistent and high quality items for the exam. During the third phase – Item Review – a team reviewed all items written by item writers for accuracy, consistency, format and overall appropriateness for the HRIP exam. The final phase was Item selection and Cut-Score Setting. The results of the pilot exam were analyzed to determine which items should be included in the published exam. This analysis focused on many factors, including item difficulty and readability.

Throughout test development was a core team of volunteers who worked on all phases of the project. They are being recognized for their dedication and contribution to IHRIM’s HRIP Certification Program.

Connie Duffey, HRIP
C. Lamar Davis, HRIP
Michele Edwards, HRIP
Magee Filitor-Murray, HRIP
John Hinojos, HRIP
Jacqueline Kuhn, HRIP
Terry Masters-Mullaley, HRIP
Lynne Mealy, HRIP
Dr. Lisa Plantamura, HRIP
Barbara Von Bergen, HRIP

Past IHRIM Chair’s Award Winners


Dr. John Boudreau


Dr. Jac Fitz-enz


Dave Duffield