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IHRIM Webinar: Making a Move to the Cloud, What it Really Takes
Wednesday 08 March 2017, 12:00pm - 01:00pm

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The decision to move forward with a Cloud based solution by your HR and IT executives is just the beginning of the journey. Now what? Join Stacey Harris, VP of Research & Analytics, and Erin Spencer, Research Consultant, as they discuss the research findings from over 700 organizations that have made a move to Cloud-based HR Technology.

In this second installment of our Sierra-Cedar HR Systems Survey Quarterly Insights, we will address questions such as the following:
• What is an HR Systems Strategy in a cloud world?
• What does Change Management really look like with cloud solutions?
• How are updates and maintenance managed in a cloud environment?
• How does resource and budget planning need to change in a modern technology environment?
• Mobile and cloud seem to go hand in hand. Is there a right and wrong way to do mobile HR?
• What are organizations changing and keeping the same when moving to the cloud?
The Sierra-Cedar 2015–2016 HR System Survey, 19th Annual Edition is the industry’s longest-running research effort tracking the adoption, deployment approaches, and value achieved from enterprise HR technologies.