The 2012 IHRIM Global Forum Webinar Series

IHRIM’s Global Forum Webinar Series consisted of a series of 90-minute webinars running daily on December 3-7, 2012. The 90-minute Webinars were broken down in 30-minute increments and focused on one topic for each webinar.

Webinar Recordings Available

If you missed the Global Forum Webinar Series, session recordings are available free to IHRIM Members and Non-members have the ability to purchase.  You may order session recordings by track.  Each track provides you with two webinar presentations as described below.

The tracks are:

Global Deployment
Global Mindset
Global Payroll
Global Compliance 
Global Analytics

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Global Forum Webinar Series Track: Global Deployment
Going Global – HCM – One Size Does not fit all
“One size does not fit all” depending on a number of factors – 1) company structure, 2) technology environment, 3) industry alignment. All of these factors help determine how you need to structure you HR organization and technology infrastructure environment. This session will look at all of these factors to help you look at your options.
Presenter: Row Henson, HCM Fellow, Oracle 
Going Global With Workday at Manulife
We’ll describe the challenges and successes that Manulife experienced in its global deployment of Workday for over 25,000 employees in 23 countries (and counting). Tanya Gullison, Manulife’s Workday GHRMS Program Manager, will specifically address the challenges related to global rollout, including governance, executive support, and multilanguage and multicultural change management and communication. Join us to hear about project strategy, tactics and lessons learned ¾ and learn how you can apply these concepts in your own organization.
Presenters: Tanya Gullison, AVP, Global HRMS Program Manager, Manulife
Bob Kaunert, Sr. Consultant and Sales Leader - Americas, HR Service Delivery, Towers Watson
Global Forum Webinar Series Track: Global Mindset
Understanding Global Talent: The Moneyball Principal
Data analytics are helping HR professionals make more informed decisions - finally. The success of the Oscar nominated film Moneyball has put a spot light on how to fight the war for talent. The movie tells the true story of how Oakland A’s General Manager Billy Beane had no budget but created a highly competitive professional baseball team using statistical analysis. Beane was able to recruit undervalued baseball players and lead his underfunded baseball club to the playoffs. This session will review the differences in Asian, European and American talent pool data and the results of a recent talent benchmark that identified the requirements for the global HRIM Leader position.
Presenters: Carl Nielson, Managing Principal, The Nielson Group
Building an Intel Fab and Large Scale Expat Infrastructure in China
The presenters will share best practices and lessons learned in deploying over 700 expatriates between China, Ireland and the U.S. to start a new factory in the Tier 2 city of Dalian, China. Challenges included training experienced and new-hire employees in technical, managerial, and intercultural skills. Expatriate housing was identified, but more housing, medical clinic and school needed to be built as the community in Dalian grew quickly in less than two years. Learn how building a collaborative group of suppliers and a self-help spirit among the expatriates helped the fab succeed. Learn how to plan for large group moves, especially to an emerging market country such as China.
Bonus: A white paper highlighting the global relocation best practices to emerge from the start up of $1B Fab 68 Intel factory in Dalian, China will be provided to attendees.
Presenters: Marian Stenson-Rodriguez, President, Charis Intercultural Training Corp.
Cynthia Pedigo, Program Manager, People Systems and Org. Capability, Intel
Global Forum Webinar Series Track: Global Payroll
Efficiency and Innovation in Global Payroll
The two words “global payroll” are filled with many myths and misconceptions and have been known to ignite many a passionate discussion over fact versus fiction. The focus of this session is to dispel these myths and rectify the misconceptions and to present an objective analysis of the global payroll function based on fact-based research drawn from a broad spectrum of multinational organizations. Global organizations are on a journey seeking ever greater levels of efficiency, innovation, and hence effectiveness, with respect to the global payroll function. This session will present an overview of the global payroll landscape and discuss some of the leading practices of top performing organizations who are making progress in their payroll globalization journey.
Presenter: Karen Beaman, CEO/Founder, Jeitosa Group International 
The Journey of MasterCard’s Global Payroll Model
MasterCard Worldwide’s journey to globalize their payroll operations and move from 20+ vendors across forty countries outside the US to one vendor and utilizing one HR system. There will be lessons and successes shared as the growth and sustainability of their model can be attributed to the agility of the team and the vision which has been in place since 2003.
Presenter: Nicole Radil, Senior Business Leader, Global Payroll, MasterCard Worldwide
Global Forum Webinar Series Track: Global Compliance
Best Practices in Global Background Screening for Today’s Global HR Organizations
Human capital is increasingly being acknowledged as the most important investment for any company. Finding the right talent in the right job at the right time is an enormous challenge that global HR teams face in today’s current hiring scenario. In all of this, it can be rather embarrassing for an organization that does not exercise due care when vetting their employees, contract staff or trading partners as such organizations can also be exposed to enforcement action by overseas government authorities for violations of personal privacy or local labor laws. Even worse, not conducting what may be considered a reasonable level of due diligence or have not applied “due care” as may be required by new and existing security and anti-corruption legislation. In this session, you’ll be provided with an overview of the international legal, regulatory, compliance, and practical landscape associated with best practices in global background screening.
Presenter: Terry Corley, Director, Global Background Screening, Sterling Information Systems
Ideologies on Global Data Privacy: Gaining Mutual Understanding and Tolerance
the citizens of the European Union and the United States of America often find themselves separated by far more than an ocean. There is nothing new about these differences as they have spawned everything from trade embargos to declarations of war. With this rich history, it is no wonder we often find ourselves at odds over how to properly preserve our privacy in the connected age. Although the EU and the US have found some common ground, there is still a significant disparity between what each region views as necessary steps to ensure our data privacy. With such a mutually important goal, why do key differences still exist between the EU and the US? This session will explore this topic by discussing the fundamental ideological differences that exist between the USA and the EU with regard to data privacy and protection.
Presenter: Jim Candler, Vice President, Williams-Sonoma, Inc.
Global Forum Webinar Series Track - Global Analytics
Workforce Analytics for Global Corporations
As we move into the 21st century, we’ve discovered more & more companies who are managing their workforce globally. Not just as “the US” and “everyone else”, but rather as a multi-national organization with a multi-national workforce. It’s more than simply “outsourcing” to the Far East. Rather, it’s finding the best, most effective and most efficient workforce to support the product & business needs of global businesses. Listen as we discuss trends, opportunities, successes and failures in global workforce analytics.
Presenter: Rob Eidson, Specialist Leader, HR Analytics, Metrics & Reporting, Deloitte Consulting
Building an Agile Global Workforce: A look at Dell's HR Analytics Implementation
Best-performing companies are using HR Analytics solutions to integrate workforce and business performance data to drive best-in-class results. Join Oracle and Dell to learn how analytics can provide your HR professionals and front-line managers with the information they need to analyze global workforce staffing and productivity, optimize HR programs and drive bottom-line results. Hear Ray Chase Director of HR Data Management Strategy for Dell, share the inside story of Dell's internal implementation of Oracle HR Analytics. He’ll discuss the issues driving the need for HR Analytics at Dell, why they chose Oracle, and benefits realized. Discover how to build a more agile, competent, cost-effective global workforce and boost your bottom line through effective use of HR Analytics.
Presenters: Ray Chase, Director/HR Data Management Strategist, Dell | Global HR Services & Solutions | HR Technology & Solutions
Takin Babaei, Director/ Business Analytics Product Marketing, Oracle


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